Why Beeswax in a Candle?

One of the main characteristics of Beeswax that makes it prized as a candle wax is its naturally high melting point. At 62+ degrees celsius it has the highest melting point of any available wax. This is what allows a beeswax candle to burn hotter and brighter and therefore, it is able to produce a cleaner and longer lasting flame than any other comparable candle. The light emitted from the flame has a healing warm glow, most similar in spectrum to that of sunlight. 

In Japan, scientific studies have shown that the flame from a beeswax candle emits more 'negative ions' than that of their soy or paraffin comparatives. 'Negative ions' are negatively charged particles found in nature, which attract positively charged particles such as dust, toxins and viruses, hence cleansing the air in the room as they burn.

In regards to functionality, the high melting point of beeswax also allows the candle to melt more slowly. This makes them less likely to drip. When you burn a beeswax candle out of any breeze or draught, even the thinnest candle will burn dripless to the last drop.

All of these features combine to create an atmosphere of true beauty, reverence and relaxation for the user.

Happy Burning